Airline Passenger Says Lack Of Legroom Nearly Killed Him
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Airline Passenger Says Lack of Legroom Nearly Killed Him

A passenger aboard an Air Canada flight from Chile to Toronto claims to have suffered a near death experience thanks to his cramped seating arrangement. Turbulence forced pilots to leave the fasten seat-belt sign on for the bulk of the 10 hour trek this January, causing the 6’2″ passenger to remain sequestered to his seat in the coach cabin.

Colin Savage, a marathon runner who had been hiking throughout South America, noticed an unusual pain in his back a couple of days after the return flight and immediately went to his doctor. A pair of CT scans revealed Savage had suffered from deep vein thrombosis, a formation of blood clots, which had originated in his legs before moving into his lungs. Doctors claimed this event nearly killed him, prompting Savage to alert Air Canada.

His hope is for the air carrier to “take a good hard look at what they’re doing,” especially on long range flights. It’s essential for passengers to transverse the aisles every few hours in order to move the blood around. Even healthy individuals are susceptible to risks due to inactivity.

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