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Stretch It Out With These Different Yoga Types

Yoga is not only for those who are flexible, athletic, or enjoy meditation. There are many different types of yoga, all with various goals, aims, poses, environments, and mindsets. Read all about the different kinds of yoga before you decide it’s not for you. There are so many variations of this activity, you are bound to find one that is a good fit for you!

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So before snagging some comfy pants, unrolling your mat, and jumping into just any yoga class, take a moment to consider your options and figure out what help you achieve your best personal and physical self.  Take some trial runs at various yoga studios or classes to get a good feel for which one might benefit you the most. Most places offer the first class free.  And if you’re nervous about attending, brush up on some helpful beginner tips and tricks before heading to your class so that you an seamlessly fit right in. If you are still feeling intimidated, try bringing along a workout buddy. This can be a great motivator when you are trying out a new workout.

Here are a few different types of yoga to consider: